Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Managed PPC Campaigns

Keeping your eye on what happens post-launch is just as important as the research you put into a campaign pre-launch, which is why we divide our PPC services into those two categories:


Performing solid research is the bedrock of pre-launch PPC services. We want to understand your goals, so when we take a look at your competitors and the market you operate in; we know exactly how best to proceed to achieve the results you want.

Trend Analysis
Keeping your eye on trends is an essential element of a successful PPC campaign. We analyze historical data and integrate it with our own predictive models to anticipate trends and spot them while they are still hot, giving you time to capitalize.

Competitor Monitoring
Looking at how you perform versus your competitors is important, because it helps us learn where you are doing well, and where your campaign can use improvement; this helps us to best prioritize the resources of your campaign, to achieve the strongest results.


Daily Tracking
Bids and prices need to be watched constantly, and our expert team takes care of this every day for you.

Campaign Adjusting/Refinement
Tweaking our system and processes constantly helps us find the hidden gems of information that your competitors have missed, and let us enable you to exploit them.

Ad Copy Management
We keep close watch on the creative content of your ads to ensure they are always appealing to customers and that they are converting well.

Landing Page Management
When you go to the expense of designing and implementing a PPC campaign, you want to maximize conversion rates. One of the most important parts of this is constantly watching the landing pages your campaigns use, and keeping them in excellent shape, designed to convert.

Client Service and Communication
We stay in contact with our clients constantly. You’ll never have to wonder how your campaign is doing, or whether or not you’re seeing the success you’re hoping for. Your dedicated project manager will be your contact point for contact, and will regularly communicate with you for the duration of your project.

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